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Is Friday Night Lights a good show or a bad show


"Can you do our bands album cover? movie poster for our movie? poster for our event? How much would that cost?"

Maybe! I tend to book months ahead and I can only tackle so many projects in a year given the amount of time that goes into the pieces. So if youve got a healthy timeline and budget and the project seems fun, lets do something cool. I try to work within stated budgets as best I can, its very difficult to put a price on something I've never thought about before with endless variables but its much easier to base a project around a budget. That said, almost everything I do takes at least two to three weeks, so consider what two to three weeks of pay should look like for a guy with a child and a mortgage.

"How do you make these pieces? whats your process?"

If I'm doing the piece on traditional clayboard, i'm starting with a loosely sketched guide and then inking areas solid black and then carving away with a small etching knife, essentially drawing in reverse, working back and forth. The full size clayboard originals can take hundreds of hours. If im doing the piece with the wacom digitally, its essentially the same process; i block out areas, i erase away, and it can still take a hundred hours. My end product of choice is silkscreened prints, so I do all the color and shading directly into print separations digitally.

"I have some kind of question or concern about an order i placed from your webstore."

My webstore and mailorder is managed by Mailorder Sheriff Charlie, and he can be reached at tinymediaorders@gmail.com.

"Do you have a copy of **a particular older print**?"

Maybe! I keep archive copies of many things, so perhaps an older piece is stashed away somewhere. Contact us and if I have one and i can let it go, I can throw a price at you.

"Can you come speak at my school/college/company/event?"

Absolutely, I do a handful of speaking events each year; mostly focused on the importance of having a personal connection in your work and developing your voice. I enjoy talking about the technical side of print separations, the parallels of physical and digital artwork, and generally oversharing. Your school PROBABLY has a budget for bringing artists in to hold workshops and talks, so poke someone up the ladder.

"Would you come do a show at my gallery?"

Hell yeah, do you have decent pizza there? hit me up.

"What kind of pens/programs/ink/boards/markers do you use?"

I use Essen etching knives, Faber Castel PITT markers, Higgins india Ink, Ampersand Clayboard, Meloxicam and Penetrex anti-inflammatory medicine, Advil, Imam Smart Glove PM Carpal Tunnel Night Braces, ice packs, Wacom DTH1620K0 Cintiq Pro 16 Graphic Tablet, 27 inch retina iMac, Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Large Tablet, Peanut M&Ms, Crippling depression, Adobe Photoshop, Vitamin Water Zero Lemonade, a 15 year old broken HP scanner with the lid torn off, like a half dozen DOD Grunge pedals.

"I hear you do print separations for hire?"

This is true, I consider myself quite adept at working with and building out screenprint separations due to my 15 years of experience in the medium. I'm also happy to look over your existing screenprint separations and give thoughts, advice, cleanup, etc. my rate is $60 an hour.

"Are you ok?"


"I am the admin of a Private Poster Commission Facebook Group and we'd like to hire you to do a poster for THE MATRIX RELOADED, and I've compiled a list addressing the groups many conflicting ideas about what the print should look like and what the title should be, we were thinking it should have 4 variants and every one be on glow in the dark foil and the tube should have a microchip inside that plays "HELLO MR ANDERSON" when you open it. Is this something you'd be interested in working on because I've already taken pre-orders for it?"

I am generally uninterested in doing unlicensed print releases managed by people I don't know. If the studio owning the property had an issue with the piece existing, I would get the note from a lawyer, not you. Also having fifty people who feel like they have a say in art directing a single piece because they sent a stranger money on the internet is my own personal hell.