Daniel Danger is an illustrator and print-maker living in the woods of Massachusetts. The son of a middle school art teacher and a professional potter, he was probably never going to be an accountant. His explanation of his own work is borderline nonsense and involves overlapping timelines, references to SIERRA point n' click adventure games, number stations in the desert oscillating whispered converations, the death of ghosts at the hands of foliage, giant trauma shadow beings born of kidnapped children that drip wolf shadows, and 1920s childrens books.  He is the lost boy-king of Ghost Island, and a broken brain'd hoarder of vintage music gear, old toy ambulances, and bad hardcore records. Him and his wife have a dog named after noted character actor Toby Huss.

Daniel plays or has played in the following bands: Caspermask, A City Safe From Sea, The Saddest Landscape, IDNOCLIP, Squall, XcrimedogX, & Some Stranger.



‘IT: Chapter One 2019 Warner Bros Pictures
’The Shape of Water’ 2018 Universal Pictures & Guillermo Del Toro
'Crimson Peak' 2015 Universal Pictures & Guillermo Del Toro
'The Jungle Book' 2016 Walt Disney Pictures
'Winchester' 2018 CBS Films
'The Woman in Black' 2012 CBS Films
'The Town' 2010 Warner Bros Pictures
'The Wolfman' 2010 Universal Pictures
'STAR WARS' 2010 LucasArts
'STAR TREK: The Motion Picture' Paramount Pictures 2011
'Scott Pilgrim' 2010
'The Mist' 2011
'Cowboys Vs Aliens' 2011 Universal Pictures
'Just Like Being There' documentary (featured)
'24x36" documentary
'House of Furies' 2017 Harper Collins
'Court of Shadows' 2018 Harper Collins
Mark Morton ‘Anesthetic’ LP/CD
Pinback 'Information Retrieved' LP/CD
Aloha 'Home Acres' LP/CD
Fall Out Boy 'Believers Never Die' LP/CD
'Breaking Bad' 2012 AMC
'LOST' 2009 ABC
'The Walking Dead' 2011 AMC
'Game of Thrones' 2012, 2013 HBO
'American Horror Story', 2012 FOX
'Hannibal' 2013 NBC
Black Dragon Press
Cyclops Print Works
Static Medium
Death Waltz Recordings
Temporary Residence
Polyvinyl Records
Magic Bullet Records
Cover Your Heart Records
Old Blood Noise Endeavors
Trey Anastasio & The Ghosts of the Forest
Foo Fighters
The Lonely Island
Death Cab For Cutie
The Pogues
The Decemberists
Modest Mouse
Nada Surf
Andrew Bird
At The Drive In
Me Without You
Manchester Orchestra
The Black Keys
Built to Spill
Pianos Become The Teeth

...obviously a ton more.


Rotofugi, Chicago IL
Gallery 1988, Los Angeles CA & San Francisco CA
Space 1026, Philadelphia PA
The Cotton Candy Machine, Brooklyn NY
MondoCon, Austin TX
Mondo Gallery, Austin TX
San Diego Comic Con, San Diego CA
DesignerCon, Anaheim CA
Wootini, Raleigh NC
Spoke Art, San Francisco
OFFEST, Dublin Ireland
The National Poster Retrospecticus, traveling show